How we work

We care about the quality and high standard of our services. That's why we check, try and choose restaurants with the best food. We only have positively verified premises that offer the highest quality and freshness of prepared dishes. Deliveries are carried out by qualified and trained personnel. For transport we use cars and dedicated scooters only  - only that way, we can provide a correct, hygienic and aesthetic way of delivery of such sensitive products as warm dishes.

The delivery area includes Warsaw and the surrounding area for all restaurants in our website.

Conditions of delivery

Minimum order is 50 PLN per restaurant plus delivery charge.
The delivery charge is based on where we have to deliver - see zones.
We deliver your meal within 60 minutes. Delivery time is generally subject to your location, order specifications and the traffic conditions.
An order can only be cancelled within 5 minutes of placing the order.
Complaints must be submitted within one hour of delivery order, by telephone or e-mail with attachments.
We accept credit cards. Please inform our staff when you are paying by card.
Room Service does not prepare meals itself so takes no guarantee for any potential allergic reactions to meals served by restaurants. 
All prices including VAT.

Cost of delivery

Zone 1 - 18 PLN

Śródmieście, Mokotów, Stary Wilanów, Stegny, Służew, Wyględów, Rakowiec, Szczęśliwice, Stara Ochota, Stara Wola, Młynów, Stary Żoliborz, Stara Praga, Saska Kępa, Kępa Gocławska, Gocław

Zone 2 - 22 PLN

Powsinek, Zawady, Nowy Wilanów, Górny Ursynów, Imielin, Grabów, Okęcie, Stare Włochy, Koło, Sady Żoliborskie, Marymont, Żerań, Stare Bródno, Stary Targówek, Grochów, Gocławek, Stary Wawer

Zone 3 - 28 PLN

Górny Konstancin, Kabaty, Pyry, Paluch, Włochy, Jelonki, Blieskie Bemowo, Bielany, Bliski Tarchomin, Nowe Bródno, Zacisze, Marysin Wawerski, Anin, Sadul, Zeżeń

Zone 4 - 37 PLN

Dolny Konstancin, Józefosław, Mysiadło, Raszyn, Ursus, Szeligi, Groty, Wólka Węglowa, Górny Tarchomin, Bliska Białołęka, Lewandów, Ząbki, Rembertów, Radość, Miedzeszyn


Deliveries to areas out of Zone 4 have to arrange on separate conditions.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 10.00-21.00 
Saturday – Sunday 11.00-21.00